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A masterful artist and an Inspiring Mentor 




Was born in Morocco in 1944 and immigrated to Jerusalem, 

Israel in 1956.

Graduated Bezalel academy of art and design with distinction and soon after joined the faculty.

He was a staff member at the gold and silversmith department for 47 years and mentored hundreds of students.

In his early career, Dahan focused on Jewellery

later he mastered Judaica.     

Being brought up in a religious family, Dahan is balancing between tradition and contemporary art. His objects abide by their cultural context and adhere to Jewish Halacha's rules with piety.

As an enthusiastic scholar, Dahan profoundly studies the origins of the object and the way it historically adapted itself. 

Dahan's works stimulate their users and viewers to ponder about the essence of the ceremony and the way it evolved through the eras.

Dahan won prizes and exhibited in Israel and around the world. His works are part of the collections of several museums.

Dahan never creates more than 9 copies of each single object .


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